Personal leadership

“Become your own leader and get better results with less stress or effort.
Learn to perform in an effective and sustainable manner."

Working together

"Become a valued teamplayer. Learn how to generate cooperation through effective communication
and a positive attitude."


"Know yourself and become the leader that your organization needs. Enable your team members to perform better and develop their potential."


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Foto: Cevora, Congrès des Secrétaires
In the end, this coaching program is one of the best initiatives you have experienced in recent years. It is mental jogging, which sometime tires you, but which gives you the feeling that your quality of life has improved.
Without exaggerating, the Efficiency at Work training has changed everything for the better. Even to the extent that I cannot remember how I organized my work before.
Jeroen Jochems, Coördinator
I appreciate the attention that the trainer had for our needs, and the fact that she followed up with us after the training course.
Catherine Labeye